Advantages Of Organic SEO

Rank organicallyYou might have heard the term “organic Search Engine Optimization” and wondered what that means, especially in an industry so full of intangibles. How can anything involved with the internet be “organic?” One synonym here, perhaps a better way of referring to this SEO technique, is “natural.” When a method of attracting traffic develops naturally, the effects on your business will probably be lasting compared with non-organic or forced, pushy advertising-led marketing.What Does This Type of Method Look Like?

When something grows organically, it starts with a seed. From these small beginnings, big plants might grow and become fruitful if you look after them. First, you post a website or a social media page and a browser might pick up on it during a search, especially a local search. Local searches really favor this form of advertising since they hone in specifically on whatever material can be located on the web in a given area and there is not always a lot of competition, not in a small town or a niche field.

These pages must be well done. A social media site has to be constantly updated with new content and keywords so as to build rankings by creating more original content that boosts one’s business presence on the web. A website must also be fortified with keywords and original content. This can be achieved by writing an “About Us” section, creating educational articles, and posting industry news with the business name inserted somewhere in the content. Cataloge listings and shipping details count as content. Hosting both a website and Facebook page is advisable.

Nurturing Natural Networking

Firms gradually add backlinks to their websites and also find places where their links will be accepted by other businesses. In keeping with the natural feel of this SEO method, one’s backlinks should fit with the theme of their host. As an example, moving companies would ask firms renting self-storage to post a backlink. Real estate firms would make natural partners and vice versa. The arrangement can involve payment or it might simply be mutual. Google actually penalizes firms whose backlinks don’t make sense; liquor store website links on pages listing alcohol and drug rehab centers, for example.

Advantages of the Natural Approach

There’s more to this type of approach than these few details, but you get a sense of what it’s all about at least. How can this work for a company when the technique sounds so gentle? Wouldn’t a more aggressive approach be more effective?

Consumers are too smart for that. They don’t always trust Pay-Per-Click advertising or affiliate marketing. You also have to appeal to a very particular group of people in order to get their attention. Moreover, the nature of some of these advertising campaigns can be so aggressive that consumers are put off by the pushiness of these methods or, when promises turn out to be misleading, they not only stop using a website but also warn other people not to use it. Google and other search engines are more likely to find problems with these links than with organic tactics and the latter methods tend to be cheaper than affiliate marketing, PPC advertising, and other non-organic methods.