Putting Money Aside for Your Campaign

businessman - business woman - money - financial planningWhen you reach the conclusion that someone professional should handle SEO services, the first step is not fantasizing about what she might do to turn your profits around or how to spend your newly found gains. Step one is budgeting for these services. How much money can you really afford to spend and which services will help you most?

Research the Topic

It’s a good idea to conduct some research into the search engine marketing field before hiring someone. Prepare to engage a little bit in discussion with this profession, even if the topic seems too technical at first. There are several things a person can do with SEO knowledge. What problems are you facing? Is the website hard to navigate, unattractive, or difficult to read? Do you have a problem with reputation management? Could you use some help writing content?

Marketing in this way involves all of this and more: fixing websites that don’t load properly; running Pay-Per-Click campaigns; establish social media accounts; and establishing backlinks, for instance. Once all of these problems or possibilities are sorted out, a professional consultant also checks on the data which tells her and the client whether tactics have improved a firm’s internet ratings, how the company’s ratings compare with that of the competition, and prepares to make changes to her methods if they aren’t working. She remains knowledgeable about changing regulations created by search engine operators to promote legitimate business and penalize fraudulent internet hucksters.

What Can You Do?

It’s possible some of the jobs an SEO expert does are within your skill set and you don’t mind looking after them or getting a professional to start and show you how to continue. A good example is content writing. Once you know the format, anyone with a gift for creating engaging blogs or even someone with an eye for detail could update articles, carry on writing social media posts regularly, or simply learn how to get keywords onto a catalog whether as part of the listings or a blurb about shipping and return policies.

Ongoing and Short-term Services

This is something you need to be realistic about. Could you potentially keep an eye on backlinks and search engine performance data by having software installed and being taught by a consultant how to use it? Maybe a little bit of tutoring will set you up to monitor and manage your Search Engine Optimization status, even though it won’t prepare you to become some kind of expert. If your budget is small, consultation is probably the answer as opposed to long-term support, but again you have to decide what is needed most.

Realistic Accounting

Even if it seems like a waste to pay someone to handle website performance audits, reports, writing, and technical maintenance and you pay one of your existing employees to look after these jobs, ask yourself this simple question: how much do I pay my employee versus the fee for professional services? If the hourly rate for trained support is lower than what your well-paid staff member makes and the staff member takes twice as long to complete unfamiliar SEO work, this is false economy. There must be money in the budget to hire a professional.