SEO Coaching Programs Online

coaching learning mentor educationAppropriately, the internet is riddled with offers of SEO coaching. You could learn how to become a Search Engine Optimization expert in just weeks, days, or even hours (according to some fly-by-night offers). This coaching might not cost you a cent, thanks to the advertising on these pages or you could be walking into a scam. It’s not easy to know whom you should trust in a virtual, faceless world of so-called “experts.”

Too Good to Be True

The old adage “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” stands in the search engine marketing world as it does everywhere else. Anyone promising you can become an SEO genius within hours for just a few dollars daily or for free is not telling you the whole truth. In fact, they’re not telling you anything remotely related to the truth. There is so much more to the business of optimizing a person’s internet profile than just figuring out keywords or learning to read Google Analytics. As many trained professionals will tell you, they didn’t go into this business with one skill in hand; several skills are required to successfully guide clients through the confusion of internet rankings and website development.

Chaos Becomes Clear

Here is a test: take a friend’s website and run some analytics on it. Find out how it performs against the sites of competing firms. Explore the pros and cons of the site, think incisively, and ask yourself if you know how to improve a friend’s rankings without outsourcing the work. If you could write content, understand keywords, and know where to place content, that’s a great first step. Now, can you figure out where backlinks should go? How many should be on the internet? Can you monitor these and manage them so backlinks don’t work against you?

Loading times are a problem with many websites and the issue is a technical one. Okay, so you can read audits and write content, but when it comes to speeding up a sluggish landing page you have no idea what to do or where to start. This is an instant snag in your plan to run an SEO consultation firm. A lot of clients will phone up reporting this problem and will expect you to know how to fix it.

Finding the Right Mentors

It is possible to sign up for a coaching program or to seek one-on-one help from a mentor: an SEO coach. Do your research and find a firm run by someone with a long history in the industry. This person is able to adapt as the field changes. Google constantly updates programs, which create rankings, in order to filter out the bad guys so authentic firms run by hard-working people can reach the top, not virus-riddled scams. Once you enter this field, you’re going to need to be adaptable and flexible. Sign up for an online program that doesn’t promise magical results without work. There should be videos about a lot of subjects, each one specific, with activities and homework.

These programs are oriented towards two types of clients: students seeking to become professionals and students hoping to apply what they learn to their own needs. The latter group will glean enough to maintain appropriate content, run PPC campaigns, and monitor their online performance without external support.