When to Pay for Website Traffic

Pay Per Click ExamplesA lot of people say that only organic SEO marketing is good for businesses. It’s the long-term answer, one which Google has a hard time finding fault with, and a relaxed way to go about advertising if time is not an issue. Organic marketing does take time, and that can be a problem for some firms, but what’s the alternative? As you can imagine, there is an opposite to organic SEO: the paid way – where you’ll pay either in ads or product giveaways as two examples.

Paying for Traffic

You have probably seen those flashing Pay-Per-Click ads on websites, the ones you aren’t sure about. Should you press on them or not? They appear enticing. Often they grab you with a topic of personal interest, entertaining graphics, or a promise that sounds alluring. If it’s your company putting out those ads, sure, they can bring in traffic to your site – but will everyone buy your product? Probably not.

It’s also possible you’ve thought about becoming an affiliate with a company whose products are on your kitchen shelves or in your vitamin cabinet. Affiliate marketing can earn a person lots of money, but is it too good to be true? These are two methods of non-organic marketing which can be beneficial but also have drawbacks.

Pros of Paid Marketing and Advertising

If you need or you believe you need to make a big entrance and capture people’s attention in a hurry, an organic- or more natural style of SEO will take too long. This involves far too much tip-toeing when a firm’s owner feels the time to strike is right now. A firm can make a big entrance and get people’s attention very quickly by launching successful advertising or making offers of big commissions, prizes, or savings.

Be ready to live up to your promises and there is the potential to gain readers and clients for the long haul. Even though statistics aren’t in your favor, there is always an exception that proves methods like this can work if you are ethical and stand by what you say or do. Even without building a reputation, you can benefit from this approach.

In other words, if you promise prizes to the first 500 people who like your Facebook page, you had better pay out. Affiliates earn commission, so you need to be clear about provisos and also prepare to transfer money into affiliates’ bank accounts in a timely fashion. With new firms offering big rewards, there is no patience and no mercy. You get one shot and, if your aim is true, this can be a great beginning.


What if you forget to say “the prize is only for people in the Fresno area” or “only one free product per person” etc.? Maybe the small print is missing or a little too small. Successful affiliates are so good at their job they earn payments you can’t afford to transfer yet without realizing big losses.

This style of marketing isn’t preferred by search engines if you fail to link backlinks and PPC campaigns with appropriate hosts. You could also be paying more than you make to post a PPC ad where it doesn’t belong since the average reader is interested in the topic of a given post.

The internet makes people feel vulnerable and reputation is important. Obviously, when firms are aggressive about SEO, they haven’t had a chance to build a good name, at least not yet.